Who We Are


All Things Beautiful cast and crew are from Red Deer College Motion Picture Arts Program. The program has two streams: the Production Stream and the Acting Stream. All members are in their 3rd year of study in this degree program.

Additional production of the film is now being done by Photo Language Productions. Our goal now is to get the most possible exposure for this film through film festivals.

The Story


Where do you find hope when all seems to be lost?

Father Peter, a young Catholic Priest, is battling his own personal demons when he receives a phone call from Jude, who has gun in her mouth and is about to pull the trigger. Father Peter listens to a distraught Jude and tries to give her hope so she won’t carry out her actions. As the conversation progresses, Father Peter believes he has prevented a disaster from happening and asks Jude a question that sets her actions into motion. Father Peter, desperate to help Jude, alerts the authorities and makes an emotional decision to run to her house to stop her from pulling the trigger. We all are not perfect and Father Peter tries to correct the situation before tragedy strikes.

Inspired by a true story.

Our team