Tid Bits


Interesting Tid Bits

10. The Crucifix at the end of the movie was borrowed from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Red Deer.

9. It took 3 days of filming to create this short film.

8. The white Rosary necklace is owned by Vincent and he plans to have it make other cameo appearances in all his movies.

7. The INT home scenes were filmed at Vincent’s residence.

6. The scene where Father Peter throws away the liquor into the trash is an ode to the classic scene in “Casablanca”.

5. Father Peter, Chris & Jude are an allegory to the Biblical characters of Peter, Jesus Christ and Judas.

4. Vincent got his cast and crew to play theatre games throughout filming to have fun and keep a good atmosphere.

3. It took Vincent over 2hrs in a meeting to convince the local Priest in Red Deer to film the movie outside his church. The Priest supports the film. The story is not about him but another Priest.

2. The real story took place over 30 years ago.

1. The “Father Peter” Character and story is inspired by true events. Vincent received full blessing from “Father Peter” to tell this story. Today, “Father Peter” is over 65 years old.